Losing and finding yourself in nature

At the end of a busy workday, or right after a wonderful swimming session at Casanova Happy Island, you can find lush green meadows and cooling trees ready to give you the pleasure of contact with nature.

Pamper yourself with an afternoon of peace and relaxation to spend with the people you love in this green oasis, which is just a short walk from the city. 

Paint your days "green"

Disconnect from stress among the forests, trees, and silence

Photo by Nick Page

Barefoot in the park

Simply strolling around, brushing the ground and blades of grass with the skin is an experience that restores an ageless form of well-being. We get in touch with nature and our energies ebb and flow, often achieving a special balance and harmony with our surroundings.  

Photo by Johnny McClung

Stop and savor authentic moments of well-being

With over 4,000 meters of free parkland, Casanova Happy Island is your green happy island where you can lose yourself in solitude or with company. The shade of a tree, the softness of the grass underfoot, the music of nature's sounds: these are the precious gifts you can receive every day in this spontaneous natural "wellness center".

Adopt a blade of grass

We offer initiatives and interesting events for members each summer, making Casanova Happy Island an even more special place for each of us. These initiatives are designed to stimulate greater awareness of the environment and to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

For your physique

Welcome to your open-air gym:

  • Large green spaces for physical activity and free-body exercise; 
  • Classes and "open air" events dedicated to the well-being of one's body are organized every summer;
  • Meditation, belt, Pilates: whether alone or with company, you will find the right place to exercise here; 
  • Sports in a peaceful setting: all forms of physical activity that respect the peace and serenity of other visitors are welcome in the park. 

For your spirit

There are many activities that guests love to do in the park to regenerate the mind and spirit: 

  • pleasant reading accompanied by the song of birds and the summer breeze;
  • a relaxed reunion with friends to play and talk together surrounded by nature; 
  • a restorative afternoon nap before or after a dip in the cool waters. 

A green peninsula

taly is frequently cited as a country where countless varieties of wildlife have given rise to unique landscapes and ecosystems. Great beauty is often a mixture of hilly landscapes, towering mountains, green forests, and sunny coastlines.

The challenge of a true green lifestyle is far from easy to meet, but the beautiful country reserves for every traveler more than 10 thousand endogenous animal and plant species, 1.5 million hectares of natural parks and 800 protected reserves and oases.

All of them are special places that renew their promise each year to bring us back into authentic contact with nature.